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Allegheny Cycling Association (ACA) Criterium Race Series Race Policy for 2016
  1. There are field limits as described in the race announcement and they will be strictly enforced
    with no exceptions due to safety considerations. Eligible racers are registered on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Season pass holders are guaranteed entry into every race, since buying a season pass implies pre-registration.
  3. Registration closes 15 minutes prior to the start of each race (or in the case of the second
    race of the evening with 10 laps remaining in the first race). Any season pass holders who have not signed
    in by that time, may have their place given away in the case of full fields with riders on the
    "waiting list" for that race.
  4. Those racers wishing to go onto a waiting list in the case of a full field, must complete the required
    paper work prior to being placed on the list. It is the responsibility of those on said waiting list to be
    present at the registration desk at the time registration closes in accordance with the policy stated in item 3.
    Available places will be assigned to those persons who are on the waiting list and are present at the registration
    desk in the order in which they were placed on the list.
  5. A teammate, director, friend, spouse, parent or other agent may register someone who is not present but is
    "on the way" as long as that agent pays the entry fee at the time of registration. A racer who has been registered
    in such a manner must sign in upon arrival.
  6. A teammate, friend, spouse, parent or other agent may give up his/her place for a shut-out racer as long
    as the shut-out racer is at the top of the waiting list.
  7. In accordance with USAC policy, the ACA will strictly enforce entry into the races according to category,
    i.e. unless fields are combined, Cat 4 racers are not eligible to race in Cat 1, 2, 3 races and Cat 5 racers
    are not eligible to race anything but Cat 4,5 or Cat 5 (if available) races.
  8. In accordance with USAC policy, everyone who meets category requirements will be eligible to enter into a
    race of that category regardless of experience in that category, e.g. all Cat 3 riders are eligible for
    Cat 1, 2, 3 and Cat 3, 4 races.
  9. In accordance with USAC policy, disqualification from current and future races in the series is the sole
    responsibility of the officials.
  10. The promoter (or his agents) reserves the right to suggest that racers acting in an unsafe manner or
    exhibiting unsafe bike handling skills drop down a race category to gain more experience.
  11. Prize money will not awarded in the case of races suspended due to unforeseen events such as crashes,
    inclement weather, etc. Cash primes called prior to the cancellation will be awarded. Point primes called
    prior to the cancellation will be awarded.
  12. Race Rules:
    1. All racers are eligible for individual race prize money
    2. Only current members of the ACA are eligible for series points and series awards
    3. In accordance with USAC rules, lapped riders are not eligible for primes (or MAR points)
      except in the following situation: when a breakaway has lapped the main field, riders in the main field
      and the breakaway riders are then both eligible for primes (and MAR points). Ineligible riders who win MAR
      points after they are ruled ineligible will be relegated in the MAR competition.
    4. All racers, except excluded riders as cited in the previous rule are eligible for primes unless otherwise
      announced by the officials (e.g. a Women's prime within the A race)
    5. Qualified racers, both men and women, (see item 8) can race multiple races per week for the entire season.
    6. Racers who race multiple timers per week must pay entry fees for each race in which they participate.
    7. Senior men who race multiple races during the points series are eligible to score points in all race classes in
      which they're entered. However, once points are scored in a higher race class, further points cannot be scored in the
      lower class. Points accumulated in the lower class will not be erased. Masters men will continue to accumulate
      points in the Masters race even if they score in the A, B or C race.
    8. Women who race multiple races during the points series can score and keep points in all classes for which they are eligible.
    9. Racers who race multiple races per week and have obtained a season pass, can use the pass only once per week
      for the race of their choice (preferably the one they indicated on the season pass aplication).
    10. Riders may change teams mid-season, however the officials and the ACA webmaster must be informed of the chnage
      before the racer is eligible to score points for his/her new team. Team points accumulated by the rider will not be
      transferred to the new team. Individual points will not be affected by the team change. Once a rider has changed teams,
      he/she must race in the new team's race kit.
  13. When not specifically stated, all USAC rules apply.


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